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Fuuka Myoshi {Overwatch OC}
REAL NAME: Fuuka Miyoshi

NICKNAMES: Xynnic, x-24

AGE: 34

NATIONALITY: Japanese-American


AFFILIATION: No allegiance ; Can be swayed either way in character.

PERSONALITY: Sarcastic, stubborn, driven, self-depreciating. That is the best way to describe how she acts. Of course, she has other sides to her, kindness, affection and friendliness. However, those things are not as common as they should be. She does her best to keep those sorts of actions and emotions locked away from the sight of day. Once she has a goal in mind, she never gives up. She is normally stubborn to the very end.

Violent, volatile and bold. Another side to her that she tends to show when she is irritated. Oh, how easily irritated she gets. When she gets irritated, whoever did so might want to take a step back and let her calm down if they don’t want her to hit them. Well, if one doesn’t mind letting her get violent, then they can always try and piss her off further.

She drinks, alcohol is quite a vice for her, she uses it quite a bit to try and forget her troubles. Music is something else she rather enjoys. It calms her and she enjoys singing, when she thinks no one else is around. There is also the fact that she has difficulty with interactions with others.

Back Story: Born and raised in America by a Japanese father and an Irish mother, Fuuka was never one much for her schooling. She found herself above it, too smart to have fun in classes that were meant for children less intelligent than her. At a young age, her parents began to have her skip grades and she was a prodigy, brilliant. She had her Ph.D. by the time she was twenty-five years old. Even before she had gotten her Ph.D. she had been interested in armor. So, she found a way to make things stronger, clothes, metal, anything really.

Nowadays she simply wants to see how well her experiments work in battle.

ROLE: Support

ABILITIES: Defense boost for anyone.

Strengthen a weapon

Her ult essentially strengthens all her teammates armor at once.

WEAPON(S): A katana that is near impossible to break.

Also a laser gun, which is what she uses to strengthen the weapons and boost defense.

HEIGHT: 5’4”


HAIR COLOR/STYLE: Brunette / curly, side pony tail.

BODY TYPE: Athletic.

CLOTHING STYLE: Tends to wear blacks, whites and purples. Most of the time she wears pants, the outfit she has on in the references is a rarity.

Art below by SavkaMagical on dA