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Ayuuup, finally got a DRRR!! OC bio done. C:
Name: Haruka Kaburagi
Family: Parents(alive), Paternal Grandparents(Deceased), Maternal Grandfather(Alive), Maternal Grandmother(deceased), one uncle.
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Birthday: August 30th
Height: 5'5" (165 cm.)
Weight: 52 Kg
Blood Type: AB-
Hobby: Violence
Occupation/Job: Being the daughter of the owner of a large entertainment company, she doesn't have the need to work, but she owns a small, cosplay/Maid Cafe, just outside of Ikebukuro. Also a member of the Dollars, due to living so close to Ikebukuro.
Dollars Screen Name: Haakii
Personality: She's a bit crazy, like most of the people hanging out around Ikebukuro. However, she conceals her strangeness better than most. To be blunt, she knows that she sometimes flips out and goes a bit crazy. It seems that she is normally kind, and quiet, and adores Anime, being a bit of an otaku, which is probably part of the reason she's such a fanatic for violence. However, since she runs her own maid cafe, she tends to be under a lot of stress on a daily basis. It appears that she has a fairly good control over her urges to be near violence. She's not the strongest or fastest person around, and doesn't tend to attack others, she simply enjoys watching violence, more-so than engaging herself in such acts.
When she likes someone as more than a friend, however, she tends to be a bit angrier towards them, she'll blush a lot and such. Essentially, she is a bit of a tsundere.
History: Haruka was born, she was supposed to be a set of twins, but the other baby girl was dead before the two were born. Also, the young girl had been deemed that she had a weak immune system, and a weak body. She had never been able to get very strong, and often got sick. She ended up being home schooled. Other than being home schooled, she grew up a fairly normal, yet frail life, and her parents kept her innocent and naive until she was nineteen years old.
Haruka had finally grown tired of her father's extremely controlling hand and moved out of the mansion that her family lived in, to an apartment near Ikebukuro. She had begun the design, and construction of a maid cafe, that her mother and father were willing to build for her and let her run. They had always wanted her to become an actress, but the young woman had never held the desire to do so, and her parents had given up on it by then. She was there only child, and they wished to spoil her.
She had decided to be just outside of Ikebukuro for a reason. She'd heard about the gangs within the district, and their violent wars. The violence had definitely interested her, and thus she had started up her plans. Now, she lives comfortably in her apartment, nearby her Maid Cafe, and Ikebukuro. She has yet to have gone into the area, yet.


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