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Bleach OC 1. :D
Name: Yun Rhee
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Human with rather high spiritual pressure.
Appearance: Yun is a natural black, with brown eyes. However, she found this boring, and dyed her bangs a bright pink. She normally wears the school dress code, however once on Halloween, she actually wore a Shinigami outfit to school, which may or may not have confused those affiliated with the Seireitei.
Abilities: Sound: She has the ability to force sound waves that she makes herself, or that others make into a very painful sound, to twist and turn them. She’s a good spy, because she can make her voice sound like anyone’s, or like anything. She can even change the sound after it has left her hands.

Agility: Yun is very agile, speedy; she’s athletic, but not muscled. She can dodge a lot of attacks with inhuman agility.

Kindness of the Gods: She has a strange ability to give a boost to someone’s regenerative abilities and regular abilities!
Weaknesses: She’s only able to adjust the sounds; she actually doesn’t have much physical strength. She also hates seeing others hurt, no matter their affiliation, and can’t stand letting anyone but herself be hurt. Last but not least, she tends to be a pacifist, but will defend herself, just not attack back.
Brief Personality: Kind of a bitch, closed off emotionally, it's hard to make her cry, tends to be hated by those that she goes to school with, famous but not rich, ignores ghosts, soul reapers, and disbelieves in them to the point of when she does see a soul reaper, she will walk right past them, however if she doesn’t realize they are a soul reaper, she will talk to them in a normal fashion, just like she would a human. Despite not having any really good attacks or ways to attack others, she still is a fairly violent and outspoken person. She is not willing to kill others, however, and is willing to throw her own live away for another, even if she’s only just met them.
Brief Bio: Having grown up with a gambler addict for an only father, Yun was always in debt, doing her best to work towards getting emancipated from her father, and his debts. She eventually became a singer in Korea, where she was doing her best to earn up enough money to pay off her father's debts so that she wouldn't have to deal with the collectors.

When she was younger however, she used to adamantly believe in ghosts, due to her ability to see them. Despite this, she was strongly ridiculed in school, and lost faith one day in there being any good in this ability, or in humanity as a whole due to a bully. As such, she threw the thoughts away, and switched schools to start anew, with her new, apparently strong, disbelief in ghosts. She ended up having to switch schools two or three times due to debt collectors, before an agency finally took her under their wing, and decided to make her a star in Korea. Soon enough, she earned enough money to pay off her fathers debts, however he continually took her own earned money and used it to fuel his addiction. This was apparently legal due to him being her legal guardian.

Finally moving into Japan, where her father continued to gamble their lives away, Yun was transferred to Karakura High School.
Theme Song: Thanks for Nothing - The Downtown Fiction


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