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OC 2~
 CHARACTER NAME : Xynnic Blaine
NICKNAMES : Xyn, Xynnic
AGE : 19
ABILITIES : She's a living weapon, and is a pyromancer.
RACE : Living Weapon
GENDER : Female
NATIONALITY : Kagutsuchi
JOB : Vigilante
SEXUALITY : Males, straight.
LIKES : Fighting, cute things, ice cream, sweets, children, animals, Kakas.
DISLIKES : Being bored, too much peace and quiet, frilly things, pink, snakes, being a weapon, lacy things, dresses, being called flat, skirts.
HER PERSONALITY : Quite stubborn, yet kind, Xynnic is also easily angered, and in general, is rather violent, despite her refusal to kill others. She appears to be fairly cheerful, as well, and absolutely hates it when girls think she's a really pretty boy. Xynnic is also easily embarrassed, and is rather a very sweet girl, when she's embarrassed.
HISTORY : Coming later~
EXTRA INFO : Xynnic is petrified of snakes, and isn't good at dealing with others. Also, she's not a crossdresser, however she often gets called a boy a lot, due to being fairly flat, and this pisses her off.


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