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Fuuka Myoshi {Overwatch OC}
REAL NAME: Fuuka Miyoshi

NICKNAMES: Xynnic, x-24

AGE: 34

NATIONALITY: Japanese-American


AFFILIATION: No allegiance ; Can be swayed either way in character.

PERSONALITY: Sarcastic, stubborn, driven, self-depreciating. That is the best way to describe how she acts. Of course, she has other sides to her, kindness, affection and friendliness. However, those things are not as common as they should be. She does her best to keep those sorts of actions and emotions locked away from the sight of day. Once she has a goal in mind, she never gives up. She is normally stubborn to the very end.

Violent, volatile and bold. Another side to her that she tends to show when she is irritated. Oh, how easily irritated she gets. When she gets irritated, whoever did so might want to take a step back and let her calm down if they don’t want her to hit them. Well, if one doesn’t mind letting her get violent, then they can always try and piss her off further.

She drinks, alcohol is quite a vice for her, she uses it quite a bit to try and forget her troubles. Music is something else she rather enjoys. It calms her and she enjoys singing, when she thinks no one else is around. There is also the fact that she has difficulty with interactions with others.

Back Story: Born and raised in America by a Japanese father and an Irish mother, Fuuka was never one much for her schooling. She found herself above it, too smart to have fun in classes that were meant for children less intelligent than her. At a young age, her parents began to have her skip grades and she was a prodigy, brilliant. She had her Ph.D. by the time she was twenty-five years old. Even before she had gotten her Ph.D. she had been interested in armor. So, she found a way to make things stronger, clothes, metal, anything really.

Nowadays she simply wants to see how well her experiments work in battle.

ROLE: Support

ABILITIES: Defense boost for anyone.

Strengthen a weapon

Her ult essentially strengthens all her teammates armor at once.

WEAPON(S): A katana that is near impossible to break.

Also a laser gun, which is what she uses to strengthen the weapons and boost defense.

HEIGHT: 5’4”


HAIR COLOR/STYLE: Brunette / curly, side pony tail.

BODY TYPE: Athletic.

CLOTHING STYLE: Tends to wear blacks, whites and purples. Most of the time she wears pants, the outfit she has on in the references is a rarity.

Art below by SavkaMagical on dA

Aurena "Aura" Blaine
Name: Aurena "Aura" Blaine
Family: Parents(Deceased), Daughter: Cinny(???(Alive but unbeknownst to her)), Little Sister: Cinnamon(???(Alive but unbeknownst to her)).
Gender: Female
Age: 30
BBS Age: 20
Birth World: Radiant Gardens
Current World: Disney Castle
Weapon: A whip that she calls: Musical Notes. She can use it to control the soundwaves and vibrations around her.
Special Ability: She can control soundwaves and vibrations.
Magic: Curaja and Firaga.
Birthday: August 15th
Height: 5'5" (165 cm.)
Weight: 52 Kg
Blood Type: O-
Hobby: Playing the guitar. She can not sing for the life of her, but she can compose and play the guitar well.
Occupation/Job: Librarian
Personality: Aura is cold and lacking of most emotions, almost like a Nobody, can be very motherly however to small children, and people that she deems worthy of this attention. She lacks the temper that her younger sister contains. Despite being calm a lot, she does share one attribute to her daughter and sister. She is easily flustered and embarrassed. She seems to almost never get angry. However, she does get quite down when one talks about her family. She feels as though it is her fault that they are all missing or dead. In fact, if you were to insult her family, this is probably the only time she will lose her cool.

History: Having grown up in Radiant Gardens with her little sister, her parents lost their lives when the Heartless attacked the garden. Her sister and four year old daughter disappeared along with the man she had considered worthy to be her beloved. Since then, Aura has always felt that it was her fault that her entire family perished in that time. She was not strong enough to protect them. Due to this, she has kept herself away from any sort of interactions with others that would bring her close to anyone else. Nowadays she simply stays in the library she works at, and immerses herself in her work. If one wants to read up on anything at all, this library would be the place to go. Before King Mickey's disappearance, the woman had gained his approval to be the official librarian within the castle walls. Soon enough, she might leave, however...After all there are rumors of a young girl about the same age her daughter would be, helping the Organization...

Ayuuup, finally got a DRRR!! OC bio done. C:
Name: Haruka Kaburagi
Family: Parents(alive), Paternal Grandparents(Deceased), Maternal Grandfather(Alive), Maternal Grandmother(deceased), one uncle.
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Birthday: August 30th
Height: 5'5" (165 cm.)
Weight: 52 Kg
Blood Type: AB-
Hobby: Violence
Occupation/Job: Being the daughter of the owner of a large entertainment company, she doesn't have the need to work, but she owns a small, cosplay/Maid Cafe, just outside of Ikebukuro. Also a member of the Dollars, due to living so close to Ikebukuro.
Dollars Screen Name: Haakii
Personality: She's a bit crazy, like most of the people hanging out around Ikebukuro. However, she conceals her strangeness better than most. To be blunt, she knows that she sometimes flips out and goes a bit crazy. It seems that she is normally kind, and quiet, and adores Anime, being a bit of an otaku, which is probably part of the reason she's such a fanatic for violence. However, since she runs her own maid cafe, she tends to be under a lot of stress on a daily basis. It appears that she has a fairly good control over her urges to be near violence. She's not the strongest or fastest person around, and doesn't tend to attack others, she simply enjoys watching violence, more-so than engaging herself in such acts.
When she likes someone as more than a friend, however, she tends to be a bit angrier towards them, she'll blush a lot and such. Essentially, she is a bit of a tsundere.
History: Haruka was born, she was supposed to be a set of twins, but the other baby girl was dead before the two were born. Also, the young girl had been deemed that she had a weak immune system, and a weak body. She had never been able to get very strong, and often got sick. She ended up being home schooled. Other than being home schooled, she grew up a fairly normal, yet frail life, and her parents kept her innocent and naive until she was nineteen years old.
Haruka had finally grown tired of her father's extremely controlling hand and moved out of the mansion that her family lived in, to an apartment near Ikebukuro. She had begun the design, and construction of a maid cafe, that her mother and father were willing to build for her and let her run. They had always wanted her to become an actress, but the young woman had never held the desire to do so, and her parents had given up on it by then. She was there only child, and they wished to spoil her.
She had decided to be just outside of Ikebukuro for a reason. She'd heard about the gangs within the district, and their violent wars. The violence had definitely interested her, and thus she had started up her plans. Now, she lives comfortably in her apartment, nearby her Maid Cafe, and Ikebukuro. She has yet to have gone into the area, yet.

Bleach OC 1. :D
Name: Yun Rhee
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Human with rather high spiritual pressure.
Appearance: Yun is a natural black, with brown eyes. However, she found this boring, and dyed her bangs a bright pink. She normally wears the school dress code, however once on Halloween, she actually wore a Shinigami outfit to school, which may or may not have confused those affiliated with the Seireitei.
Abilities: Sound: She has the ability to force sound waves that she makes herself, or that others make into a very painful sound, to twist and turn them. She’s a good spy, because she can make her voice sound like anyone’s, or like anything. She can even change the sound after it has left her hands.

Agility: Yun is very agile, speedy; she’s athletic, but not muscled. She can dodge a lot of attacks with inhuman agility.

Kindness of the Gods: She has a strange ability to give a boost to someone’s regenerative abilities and regular abilities!
Weaknesses: She’s only able to adjust the sounds; she actually doesn’t have much physical strength. She also hates seeing others hurt, no matter their affiliation, and can’t stand letting anyone but herself be hurt. Last but not least, she tends to be a pacifist, but will defend herself, just not attack back.
Brief Personality: Kind of a bitch, closed off emotionally, it's hard to make her cry, tends to be hated by those that she goes to school with, famous but not rich, ignores ghosts, soul reapers, and disbelieves in them to the point of when she does see a soul reaper, she will walk right past them, however if she doesn’t realize they are a soul reaper, she will talk to them in a normal fashion, just like she would a human. Despite not having any really good attacks or ways to attack others, she still is a fairly violent and outspoken person. She is not willing to kill others, however, and is willing to throw her own live away for another, even if she’s only just met them.
Brief Bio: Having grown up with a gambler addict for an only father, Yun was always in debt, doing her best to work towards getting emancipated from her father, and his debts. She eventually became a singer in Korea, where she was doing her best to earn up enough money to pay off her father's debts so that she wouldn't have to deal with the collectors.

When she was younger however, she used to adamantly believe in ghosts, due to her ability to see them. Despite this, she was strongly ridiculed in school, and lost faith one day in there being any good in this ability, or in humanity as a whole due to a bully. As such, she threw the thoughts away, and switched schools to start anew, with her new, apparently strong, disbelief in ghosts. She ended up having to switch schools two or three times due to debt collectors, before an agency finally took her under their wing, and decided to make her a star in Korea. Soon enough, she earned enough money to pay off her fathers debts, however he continually took her own earned money and used it to fuel his addiction. This was apparently legal due to him being her legal guardian.

Finally moving into Japan, where her father continued to gamble their lives away, Yun was transferred to Karakura High School.
Theme Song: Thanks for Nothing - The Downtown Fiction

OC 2~
 CHARACTER NAME : Xynnic Blaine
NICKNAMES : Xyn, Xynnic
AGE : 19
ABILITIES : She's a living weapon, and is a pyromancer.
RACE : Living Weapon
GENDER : Female
NATIONALITY : Kagutsuchi
JOB : Vigilante
SEXUALITY : Males, straight.
LIKES : Fighting, cute things, ice cream, sweets, children, animals, Kakas.
DISLIKES : Being bored, too much peace and quiet, frilly things, pink, snakes, being a weapon, lacy things, dresses, being called flat, skirts.
HER PERSONALITY : Quite stubborn, yet kind, Xynnic is also easily angered, and in general, is rather violent, despite her refusal to kill others. She appears to be fairly cheerful, as well, and absolutely hates it when girls think she's a really pretty boy. Xynnic is also easily embarrassed, and is rather a very sweet girl, when she's embarrassed.
HISTORY : Coming later~
EXTRA INFO : Xynnic is petrified of snakes, and isn't good at dealing with others. Also, she's not a crossdresser, however she often gets called a boy a lot, due to being fairly flat, and this pisses her off.

Random OC~
AGE : 19
RACE : Human~
GENDER : Female
NATIONALITY : Radiant Gardens
JOB : Mercenary
SEXUALITY : Males, straight.
LIKES : Food, crossdressing, binding, getting dirty, spiders, fighting, her powers, cute things, snakes, bugs, scary stories.
DISLIKES : Being bored, too much peace and quiet, frilly things, pink, lacy things, dresses, skirts.
HISTORY : Coming soon~
EXTRA INFO : She's a crossdresser, as you may have noticed by her likes, she binds, and has a preference for a lot of things that are aimed at boys.

So this'll be my role play post? ._.
Soyeah. Editing this later with more information on characters. 83